CatELab-APS/e3 research software

CatELab-APS/e3 research software
 view CatELab-APS/e3 research software tool description & specs
CatELab-APS/e3 = Catalyst ELaborator 
Applied Artificial PhotoSynthesis Initiative Software /
(for) energy-ecology-economy (resilient solutions)

Good reasons all week long to pick our research software tool:

• 1  »  CatELab-APS/e3 offers a set of conceptual blueprint outlines embracing artificial photosynthesis principles and their industrial applications.
• 2  
»  CatELab-APS/e3 is an omnipotent tool for describing any scientific reality – defining factual models, correlations, templates, input and desired output – and hence simulating on any scientific interrelations of physical, chemical, biological, electrical, or other nature, also intercombined.
• 3  
»  The core component is a database and a limitless, seamless search utility which saves and presents search results as multidimensional arrays and graphical elements. The search utility is filtered through an SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science)* “Reactor” for vastly enhanced reality simulation which applies models, templates, scientific and sensory data etc, and which enables simulating on entities and all inherent components and production environments of APS-processes. Comprehensible to anyone – scientist or non-scientist colleague at your company or research institute – an encapsulated universe of any studied and simulated correlation featured and visualized.
• 4  
»  The scientific data are structured as star schemes in the database – a fact-data core with an unlimited number of attaching data attribute dimensions – from file imports, manual editing, remote databases or datasets, and scientific hard facts, product release data, models, templates, etc.
• 5  
»  Its subfractional predecessor has also been used in contexts like taxation & audit, business intelligence & data warehouse, and bio-medicine & other bio-/life-sciences, demonstrating its all-round versatility and flexibility.
• 6  
»  This tool constitutes the indispensable companion to any institutional and laboratory experimental work, eliminating or cutting needs for costly equipment, housing, staffing, material, and substances to a bare minimum.
• 7  
»  It is also essential for the design and construction of various energy or fuel producing enterprises, breaking down operations into ever more detailed and yet holistically fully discernible and lucid hierarchies. Thereby turning an otherwise often tricky project planning, accomplishment, and follow-up into sheer pleasure – not to forget every good reason associated with generating, administering, and utilizing well-structured documentation on any level.
* SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science): Excerpt from the WTEC (World Technology Evaluation Center) panel report “International Assessment of Research and Development in Simulation Based Engineering and Science”, issued in 2006: “To define the real requirements for the implementation of SBES technologies, we require a new paradigm of software development. Such a fundamental change calls for a great deal of “out-of-the box” thinking about the way we approach software development and practice engineering. […]  Not only will tomorrow’s software developers have to cope with more complex systems and heterogeneous hardware systems, but they will also have to understand the important details of the applications”.
Our CatELab-APS/e3 is a forceful answer to that new paradigm of software development requirement.

Author: Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions

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