CatELab-APS/e3 research software

CatELab-APS/e3 research software
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CatELab-APS/e3 = Catalyst ELaborator 
Applied Artificial PhotoSynthesis Initiative Software /
(for) energy-ecology-economy (resilient solutions)

Good reasons all week long to pick our research software tool:

• 1  »  CatELab-APS/e3 offers a set of conceptual blueprint outlines embracing artificial photosynthesis principles and their industrial applications.
• 2  
»  CatELab-APS/e3 is an omnipotent tool for describing any scientific reality – defining factual models, correlations, templates, input and desired output – and hence simulating on any scientific interrelations of physical, chemical, biological, electrical, or other nature, also intercombined.
• 3  
»  The core component is a database and a limitless, seamless search utility which saves and presents search results as multidimensional arrays and graphical elements. The search utility is filtered through an SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science)* “Reactor” for vastly enhanced reality simulation which applies models, templates, scientific and sensory data etc, and which enables simulating on entities and all inherent components and production environments of APS-processes. Comprehensible to anyone – scientist or non-scientist colleague at your company or research institute – an encapsulated universe of any studied and simulated correlation featured and visualized.
• 4  
»  The scientific data are structured as star schemes in the database – a fact-data core with an unlimited number of attaching data attribute dimensions – from file imports, manual editing, remote databases or datasets, and scientific hard facts, product release data, models, templates, etc.
• 5  
»  Its subfractional predecessor has also been used in contexts like taxation & audit, business intelligence & data warehouse, and bio-medicine & other bio-/life-sciences, demonstrating its all-round versatility and flexibility.
• 6  
»  This tool constitutes the indispensable companion to any institutional and laboratory experimental work, eliminating or cutting needs for costly equipment, housing, staffing, material, and substances to a bare minimum.
• 7  
»  It is also essential for the design and construction of various energy or fuel producing enterprises, breaking down operations into ever more detailed and yet holistically fully discernible and lucid hierarchies. Thereby turning an otherwise often tricky project planning, accomplishment, and follow-up into sheer pleasure – not to forget every good reason associated with generating, administering, and utilizing well-structured documentation on any level.
* SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science): Excerpt from the WTEC (World Technology Evaluation Center) panel report “International Assessment of Research and Development in Simulation Based Engineering and Science”, issued in 2006: “To define the real requirements for the implementation of SBES technologies, we require a new paradigm of software development. Such a fundamental change calls for a great deal of “out-of-the box” thinking about the way we approach software development and practice engineering. […]  Not only will tomorrow’s software developers have to cope with more complex systems and heterogeneous hardware systems, but they will also have to understand the important details of the applications”.
Our CatELab-APS/e3 is a forceful answer to that new paradigm of software development requirement.


CatELab & APS/e3 integrated processes

CatELab & APS/e3 integrated processes
 CatELab  research software integrated with  APS/e3  in iterative, eternal, climate neutral processes:

num1-21x21-transp-outer  »  Templates:
Algorithms, patterns, rules, (cor)relations, connections, formulae, etc that can be applied on data of various kinds in accordance with scientific facts and research results or other findings based on any field of study. CatELab-APS/e3 imports, utilizes and facilitates formulating new Templates of arbitrary type, usage, and complexity.

num2-21x21-transp-outer  »  Scientific data:
Scientific and any other type of data, stored in the database integrated with CatELab-APS/e3, or extracted from Internet on-the-fly, linked into the Simulator or Template Manager at any level and stage of execution.

num3-21x21-transp-outer  »  CatELab-APS/e3 software:
The SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science) “Reactor” for simulating on parameters involving Scientific data (2), Templates (1), temperature, pressure, density, any magnetic field, any electromagnetic radiation, any non catalytic doping or other nano substance, biotic component etc, in order to identify eligible Catalyst candidates to the production of different tailor-made fuels or other products, out of Greenhouse Gases (foremost CO2) in processes based on Applied Artificial PhotoSynthesis (APS). The eligibility of each Catalyst candidate is graded by their conformity to compelling standards constituting (the exchange of) energy, economy and ecology (e3) as an inseparable triangular market frame. The software also manages databases and other datasets, mappings from internet data sources, etc (2), manages Templates (1), and calibrates, measures, evaluates, and controls processes (4), saving every data associated with them along with lab environmental settings.

num4-21x21-TRANSP-OUTER.png  »  APS/e3 processes:
APS/e3 processes utilize Applied Artificial PhotoSynthesis, taking the following input: Sunlight, (ocean) Water, (atmospheric or smokestack) Carbon-dioxide, Catalyst(s). Resulting process outputs are fuels and other products.

num5-21x21-transp-outer  »  Output:
• Pure, solid Coal (C) for power plants and industries.
• Gaseous Hydrocarbons (CxHx) like Methane, Ethane, Propane, and Buthane.
• Liquid Hydrocarbons (CxHx) like Hexane, Benzene, Kerosene/Paraffin, and heavier compounds.
Petrol/Gasoline is a mixture of some fifty molecular compounds, Diesel contains heavier molecules.
• Fluid alcohols like Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, and bi-alcoholic compounds like DME(gaseous) and heavier, liquid ones.
• Utilitarian products like plastics, medicals, fertilizers, building and other construction materials, polymers, waxes, mascaras, lubricating oils, tar, tarmac, and much more. Even electricity could be produced as a bi-product of some processes. Pure Hydrogen (H2) is easily produced splitting (ocean) water through electrolysis (oxidation/reduction) without any catalyst, perhaps best propelled by wind or solar power electricity. However, Hydrogen is not very suitable as a fuel other than in power plants or industries directly adjacent to where it is produced.

Answers. to Questions.

?!    Is not enough to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, or capture pollutants at the emission source (and attempt to sequester or store it, as with CCS)?

—    No, that can only reduce future emissions by a fraction. In addition, it would be technically unfeasible and economically untenable to capture and sequester or store more than a small fraction of all future emissions of greenhouse gases. And then we would still do nothing about the greenhouse gases that have already been emitted, gradually accumulating the atmospheric content up to the acute level that we see already today, causing Pacific & Carribean isle and harbor inundations all around the world on strong winds (Google e.g: “Sandy 2012”, “Katrina 2005”, “hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria of September 2017”).

?!    Won’t a future sustainable energy production be enough to deflect climate threats?


Historical and (vanishingly minuscule) forecast renewable energy production 2000 – 2040

—    Certainly, we need ecologically sustainable energy production in the longer term, but that deprives us not from our liability of promptly commencing cleaning up the outlet stacked for two hundred years. The impact from climate warming is like an oil tanker; reverse the engines and still it flows mile after mile before coming to a halt. Equivalently – eliminate the net inflow of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, thereby halting the level rise, and still years and years will go by before the effects will even be measurable (not least due to a galloping deforestation). We must then reverse the process in order actually to lower the level and bring the melting to a complete halt, thus enabling a certain rebuild of ice-masses around the globe in order to lower sea levels risen. We need luck in order to catch this before the methane (CH4), today frozen just beneath the surface layers of immense tundra areas and in hypothermic pockets of sea bottoms, begins to leak out. Methane is a 23 times more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (CO2). We also need luck in order to catch this before Antarctica ice bodies start sliding into the sea by means of the melting shelf-ices, or before the Greenland ice increases its melt-off rate substantially. These events all individually constitute a watershed for our future – once an event has occurred, there is no way back, and disaster strikes. However much we should like to, we cannot push the ice back from the sea up on Antarctica’s or Greenland’s land areas, or put the methane gas back where it stems from. Thus, there is no time to lose.

?!    Specifically what is it you at ACES mean should be done? 

—    We want to arouse public opinion and thereby induce a demand and a market for trading with recycled (regenerated) greenhouse gases. We know how it should be done, taking advantage of today’s infrastructure, modern Nobel Prize (2013 for Chemistry) awarded knowledge and technology (an inspiration for our CatELab-APS/e3 virtual simulation software), as well as the Sun and the Earth’s own resources in the form of water and sunlight – plus greenhouse gases, naturally. We want to transform greenhouse-gases from enemies into friends! We want to create a never-ceasing cycle of energy from fossil hydrocarbon-based fuels into greenhouse gases back into the hydrocarbon-based fuels and so on for virtually all days to come. To achieve this, We offer the global research community and all energy production market parties Our CatELab-APS/e3 solutions – conceptual blueprints with tools for multi-physics simulation and chemical-biological energy research. Unless bureaucracy, corruption, or terrorism are allowed to throw a spanner into the works, it should be possible to start a market-driven, profitable and truly large-scale production of directly usable energy out of recycled greenhouse gases sooner than a single new nuclear power plant could be conceived and built. But it deserves to be repeated that we have no time to lose in terms of further long-term research or unnecessary politicians’ intervention – full steam ahead is now all that counts, departing from the best practices presently at our disposal, integrated with the knowledge and products that We and You through can offer.

?!    Large wind and solar power parks, wave, tidal and geothermal energy, biogas & biodiesel, and net trade in household electricity (widespread in for example Germany) are examples of sustainable energy. Furthermore, nuclear power plants “Gen IV” are to be built here and there. It this not enough? 

—    Quite rightly, much is going on – but the expansion rate is so slow that we don’t have time to wait for all these in order to avert the disaster of sea levels rising and oceans turning into soda water. And because the sun everywhere on earth except around the equator is weak that part of the year when it is most needed, and because the wind sometimes doesn’t blow, such types of produced energy must be accumulated (e.g. giant battery packs, super-capacitors, pump elevated backwater etc) in order for it to be taken out and consumed in line with the customers’ needs, sometimes during lengthy periods of time. Such accumulators do not exist today and are still far from the drawing board – a few hours consumption needs is all we today, at great expense, are able to accumulate. Bio energy production is today overly uneconomical and fossil energy-hungry, but interesting on a long term. Geothermal energy is so sporadically locally occurring that this perhaps better is suited for welfare, tourism, crop production or local properties’ and installations’ heating.

?!    The LNG/ natural gas export from e.g. Norway and Russia (via the gas net through e.g. Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and in the Baltic Sea) increases continuously even to Sweden. Is this not a sustainable energy source?

—    No, natural gas is popular among those who market it, i.e. producers, retailers and politicians. The reason is that the former ones earn big money and that the politicians can point to a step in the direction of their decided environmental goals. Since coal emits 60% more greenhouse gases than natural gas with the same energy content, emissions of greenhouse gases are lowered by escaping from the equivalent quantity of coal. This is good for short term placed or political goals, but nothing for long-term planning environmental entrepreneurs to draw their attention to.

?!    Are e.g. EU’s climate targets or the Paris (formerly Kyoto – … – Copenhagen) agreement adequate? 


—    No, already today sea levels around the globe are rising by 4 millimeters a year, but due to change in ocean currents they’re rising up to 3 times faster in some regions. For example, along the US east coast they now rise by 12 millimetres per year. Since the pre-industrial era, ocean levels have risen by approx 25 cm (again, in some regions 75 cm). And the pace is accelerating faster and faster. Furthermore, the clock is ticking away towards the unpleasant fact that gigantic chunks of Antarctica inland ice, several kilometers thick, is about to get a safe conduct towards the sea — the shelf-ices surrounding the land mass in fact constitute the only barrier, and these lead a languishing life… The ice-chunks sliding out may entail tsunamis not ten, but a hundred metres high, propagating in all directions without too much weakening even with long distances. So, all the available facts slate those altogether far too low political climate targets’ far too long-term itineraries and timelines. Some say that the EU-politicians’ targets of 20% CO2 reduction by 2020 and 50% by 2050 ought to have been 50% by 2020 and 100% by 2050. Unfortunately, we say, not even this would be sufficient. The world is forecast to produce and consume 50% more energy in year 2050 than now, which means that EU’s goal of 50% based on the year 2005 level has to account for 100% of the surplus between year 2005 and now PLUS 100% of the forecast increase between now and year 2050. A DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE task — unless atmospheric CO2 and CH4 extraction techniques be employed!

?!    Some people, not least politicians, believe that ETS (EU’s Emissions Trading System) is a future love song. 

—    Proud politician initiated market constructions such as the EU’s ETS foremost stand out as embarrassing and tragic manifestations of ignorance demonstrated by the postulates produced, and rest fundamentally on passive approaches to actively doing something. Sales of emission rights – would they be an effective way of raising money for the benefit of serious and effective environmental initiatives? Or just an efficient way for those involved of filling their own pockets? And haven’t companies in industrialized countries far too often acquired heaps of emission rights from low emitting companies in developing countries only for enabling themselves to continue with their own big emissions and buying themselves freedom from environmental responsibilities? The truth is that the current climate situation does not permit the trading of emissions rights at all. We must leave the passive concept in terms of emission limits and now instead jump-start the proactive concept implying regulation of the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That concentration is already too high and must be lowered from today’s levels, which are already melting off ice with a rippling sound, and keeps rising as you read this. Levels continue to rise due our energy production based on fossil fuels. In addition, due to the rampant deforestation and an increasing number of forest fires around Our entire planet — even if emission rights trading plainly utopian would result in a completely halted emission of gases, the concentration would therefore keep rising just the same.

?!    Who would grant authorization for active measures regulating the volumes of greenhouse gases in a positive direction? 

—    To start with: second by second, day by day, year by year, a negatively spiraling control that nobody has authorised or needed to authorise in any single case, presently owns the global stage. In many countries you can unpreventedly knock up a new coal plant a week, like the Chinese are doing these days. And does anyone ask of You an authorization to buy a new car or drive Your car even though doing so actively regulates the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – upwards! What we know now is that the level immediately must be forced downwards. In the coming years and for generations to come, we will of course need to establish and agree on which level optimally to equalize the concentration of greenhouse gases. There and only then the licensing of some kind would grow into the picture. But let us hope that all world citizens, companies and, if necessary even politicians, would be able to agree on a consensus resting on pragmatism, flexibility, fairness, and inevitable compromises. The important thing is that everyone must experience earning more than losing on doing this or that. Not least for democracy reasons, it will therefore also become more and more necessary to educate the young in environmental subjects as early as possible, in order to give them a fair chance to form their own opinion resting on profound knowledge, thereby provoking positive attitudes to altruistic and proactive environmental priorities and conception among rising generations. Something that too many of us adults prove to be in lack of.

?!    Electric cars then, are they not a solution? 


Historical and projected increases in global motor vehicle population, 1950–2030

—    In the US, all (road, sea, railroad, aviation) transportation account for 26% of today’s emissions. Globally, it’s 14%. Electricity production for 30% (US) and 25% (world), and industry for 21% in both. Agriculture, forestry and other commercial land use account for substantially lower emissions in the US than globally. Heavy goods vehicles and mobile working machines etc require so much power and energy consumption that electricity is not an applicable option there. Neither can sea vessels nor commercial airliners or feightliners be electrically propelled today. Electric vehicles and vessels are excellent as soon as their battery power charging energy is produced on an ecologically sustainable basis, but only then. Incidentally, We believe much in the planned nuclear power “GenIV” which is much more “housebroken” than previous generations of nuclear power, and fueled by old nuclear waste, leaving relatively harmless waste as remains. The terminal storage needs and all the problems around this could be minimized, and perhaps even be eliminated in the long run.

?!    Could protective embankments along the coasts help? 

—    Absolutely, if we have the resources and time to build enormously strong, massive ramparts 70 meters high and 800 000 kilometers (500 000 miles) long, then let’s just get started … 🙂 Astoundingly enough, we hear some complacent politicians in all seriousness discuss embankments as a need and a solution to “adapt” to the rising sea levels, without a word on what to do when these eventually become inadequate. “Attack the symptoms, not what’s causing them” seems to be their obsession, just like a quack doctor knowing little about medicine. Apparently, no extensive formation activities are pursued in their quarters – which some called “Buffoon Temples”. If all goes to hell, that will probably rather appear as a compliment (which it probably would also be perceived by one or another of these frivolous, ignorant and punch-drunk politicians).

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Here is our corporate website & our funding campaign:

Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions – official website
Our [imminent] funding campaign (draft)


Zero options? Never.

“People who think AI or robots will cause mass unemployment are forgetting about global warming. New York City isn’t going to relocate itself.” (tweet by @Pinboard)

Right-on! And neither will any other of the world’s thousands upon thousands of coastal cities, from huge to small, towns or other indispensable infrastructure.

The world needs to mobilize Fighters Today for more Tomorrows…

 Boston after the flood:elevation-map-boston

Very very few of us really have Zero options, even if we often seem and feel that way.
Fully aware of and respectful before the fact that those impoverished, infirm or subject to various extreme hardships may not have the possibility to take action, everybody still has the power to form an opinion and to voice it.
Let’s hope that in your country you’re allowed to express it.
And if so, then go about it!
Join the fight against Climatic ignorance & insouciance, disregard & denial!

Abiding by the rules of market supply & demand, free trade, globalization and capitalism, the world will not stop using carbon or hydrocarbon based energy anytime soon.
I f   w e   a l l o w  the oil companies to exhaust, and power producers & consumers to fire off all remaining fossil fuel reserves, ocean surfaces will rise by up to 70 m long before they have.
And oil companies are all sure to complete their unrelenting mission and run all up to the finish line! Cause they all worship their God of Mammon above any other, never doubt that.

The only way to stop this will be to offer fantastic alternatives to the consumers of the world, by furnishing them with clean, cheap energy solutions so that their demand for these products in turn induce new markets and producers there upon.
Once this gets live and kicking, fossil fuel markets will fade away and eventually vanish from our planet. The sooner the better!

I’m certainly no role model, but in my view, our lives are a mirror of our ability to commit and to prioritize. As said, options and feasibility vary strongly between us individuals as well as between societies, both in scope and magnitude.

But You who never formed an opinion on the climate change before our eyes, undoubtedly the World’s most burning current issue, or formed one but never expressed it even though you could:
I must ask, Are You in contact with Your mind, Your conscience, Your emotions? Do You really care about no one but Yourself? If You’ve got Kids, what about Them? and Theirs in turn? Their cousins, all their playmates and friends and parents of theirs? Your parents, Your friends? Relatives?

Scenario: In the “first wave” of sea level climb (0.5 – 1 m at onshore strong winds, or 1 – 2 m at lull) all coastal cities (red ones in table at the bottom of this post), towns, villages, coastlines, beaches, infrastructure, islands will be paralyzed or directly uninhabitable: harbors, subways/metros and streets will go fully dysfunctional, house foundations will get soaked, starting to fatally undermine (especially tall) buildings that ensuingly either fall down by themselves or by wave and wind pressure at strong winds. Remember what happened to New York, Long Island and New Jersey on the apparition of hurricane Sandy (some say storm; it was just a category 2 on a scale of 5): NY subway network water filled and ensuingly partially out of operation for months, road tunnels water filled, large hospitals closing, thousands of homes and an estimated 250,000 vehicles were destroyed — damages totaling $75 billionUSD (nominal value as of 2012). Mind that this occurred at no sea level elevation increase at all (zero)! What would have been the outcome on top of a 0.5 to 1 m sea level climb, a category 3 to 4 hurricane? Mind that.
New York hurricane Sandy flooding subway
Hoboken, New Jersey

Do I have to accept the ABSURD, yet plainly and feasibly revocable idea of  facing my beloved wonderful native town of Malmö go under water?
I made a choice: Not without putting up a fight to my utmost ability. ¡No pasarán!

How about Your town? How about YOU?
How about New York? Boston? Washington? Baltimore? Philadelphia? Charleston? Atlantic City? Miami? Tampa? Fort Lauderdale? Houston? New Orleans? San Francisco? Los Angeles? Sacramento? Seattle? San Diego? Anchorage? Honolulu? Vancouver? Montreal? Monterey? London? Pireas (port of Athens)? Shanghai? Hong Kong? Hangzhou? Changzhou? Guangzhou? Shenzhen? Wuhan? Macao? Tianjin? Dalian? Chongjin? Seoul? Pyongyang? Vladivostok? Tokyo? Kobe? Osaka? Nagoya? Hamamatsu? Kyoto? Niigata? Sapporo? Fukuoka? Taipei? Tainan? Taichung? Kaohsiung? Manila? Hanoi? Ho Chi Minh City? Pnom Penh? Bangkok? Dubai? Abu Dhabi? Doha? Manama? Dammam? Kuwait? Jeddah? Roma? Venezia? Napoli? Genova? Pisa? Palermo? Cannes? Monaco? Marseille? Montpellier? Toulon? Nimes? Arles? Nice? Bordeaux? Nantes? Le Havre? Copenhagen? Stockholm? Oslo? Helsinki? St.Petersburg? Barcelona? Valencia? Malaga? Istanbul? Izmir? Antalya? Mersin? Bursa? Adana? Palma de Mallorca? Lisbon? Porto? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Aberdeen? Dublin? Cork? Limerick? Galway? Belfast? Liverpool? Newcastle? Bristol? Plymouth? Cardiff? Swansea? Bruges? Ostend? Ghent? Amsterdam? Rotterdam? den Haag? Groningen? Alkmaar? Haarlem? Hamburg? Lübeck? Bremen? Rostock? Dubrovnik? Pula? Gothenburg? Malmö? Helsingborg? Norrköping? Odense? Aarhus? Elsinore? Aalborg? Esbjerg? Vejle? Bergen? Trondheim? Stavanger? Gdansk? Gdynia? Kaliningrad? Klaipéda? Liepaja? Riga? Tallinn? Odessa? Sebastopol? Krasnodar? Baku? Karachi? Kolkata? Mumbai? Ahmedabad? Surat? Chennai? Colombo? Dhaka? Chittagong? Yangon? Phuket? Rayong? Medan? Palembang? Jakarta? Surabaya? Semarang? Kuala Lumpur? Singapore? Makassar? Port Moresby? Papeete? Noumea? Suva? Sydney? Melbourne? Adelaide? Brisbane? Perth? Townsville? Wellington? Auckland? Christchurch? Dunedin? Santos (port of Sao Paolo)?  Rio de Janeiro? Recife? Porto Alegre? Panama City? Barranquilla? Maracaibo? Paramaribo? Sao Luis? Fortaleza? Buenos Aires? Montevideo? Kairo? Tel Aviv? Beirut? Lagos? Accra? Tunis? Cape Town? Port Elizabeth? Durban? Abidjan (coastal)? Port Harcourt? Lomé? Douala? Libreville? Pointe-Noire? Luanda? Maputo? Dar es Salaam? Zanzibar Town? Mombasa? Mogadishu? Djibouti? …?


Neither ANY single ONE of them and their populations deserve to face this destiny, nor any other of those tens of thousands of medium or small size coastal or low-elevated inland towns!
Will You silently face them all go under water, crumble and erode to pieces? Without even putting up a fight? Then Where would YOU go? Who would heed You? And Your parents, brother, sister and family? And Your Kids? Their Kids? And the rest of us? Are You aware of the estimated numbers of killed and refugees in the worst case scenarios? – Many Billions, not Millions! In Your mind, finish the race all up to the finish line; Your imagination will take You there. Are You able to visualize it? What do You see? And are You on-line with Your emotions?

In the “second wave” (15-35 m) also inland cities (blue ones in table at the bottom of this post), with time are coming into play — and in “first wave” category areas, all buildings – whether low or tall – has long since eroded or fallen due to undermined foundations, wind induced wave pressure, and sea currents;
How about big inland cities, like Paris? Beijing? Baghdad? Basra? Hyderabad? Vadodara? Khabarovsk? Hamhung? Lima? Montreal? Quebec City? Orlando (with Disney World, SeaWorld and water fun parks)? Bruxelles? Antwerp? Düsseldorf? Duisburg? Szczecin? …?

And in the “third wave” (35-70 m, yellow ones in table at the bottom of this post):
How about Berlin? Athens? Shenyang? Essen? Manchester? Cologne? Bonn? Ottawa? …?

Will You quietly face islands – there among entire nations – vanish from the map, so sadly turned into sand banks under ships’ keels?

How about islands and archipelagos (state affinity within parenthesis; none where autonomous states), and low-terrain continental nations like the Netherlands? Denmark? Bangladesh? Australia? All of the North Atlantic Ocean‘s islands: Iceland? Ireland? the British Isles? Greenland (Denmark)? Gotland (Sweden)? Öland (Sweden)? The Swedish archipelagos of Stockholm, of Gothenburg, of Karlskrona, of Östergötland? The archipelago of Åland (Finnland)? Bornholm (Denmark)? Fyn (Denmark)? Svalbard (Norway)? Faroe Islands (Norway)? Rügen (Germany)? Hiiu (Estonia)? Saare (Estonia)? Guernsey (UK)? Jersey (UK)? Sark (UK)? Isle of Man (UK)? Anglesey (UK)? Scilly Islands (UK)? Shetland Islands (UK)? Hebrides (UK)? Crete (Greece)? The Greek archipelago: Naxos, Rhodos, Korfu & 6000 more? Newfoundland (Canada)? Nova Scotia (Canada)? Price Edward island (Canada)? Cape Breton island (Canada)? Ile d’Anticosti (Canada)? Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Canada)? Rhode Island (USA)? Martha’s Vineyard (USA)? Nantucket (USA)? Sicilia (Italy)? Sardegna (Italy)? Corse (France)? Canary Islands (Spain)? Mallorca (Spain)? Menorca (Spain)? Ibiza (Spain)? Cyprus? Malta? Djerba (Tunisia)? Pantelleria (Tunisia)? Madeira (Portugal)? Cape Verde Islands (Portugal)? the Azores (Portugal)? Sao Tome and Principe (Portugal)? Malako (Cameroon)? And many others…? All of the Carribean and South Atlantic Ocean‘s islands: West India? Cuba? Haiti? Jamaica? Puerto Rico? Florida Keys? Bahamas? Kingdom of the Netherlands: Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten? Venezuelan islands: La Tortuga, La Orchilla, La Blanquilla, Porlamar? Barbados? Trinidad & Tobago? Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Saint Lucia? Martinique (France)? Dominica? Guadeloupe (France)? Montserrat (UK)? Antigua and Barbuda? Anguilla (UK)? British Virgin Islands (UK)? Cayman Islands (UK)? St Johns (UK)? St Kitts and Nevis? Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)? Falkland islands (UK)? South Georgia and the South Sandwich islands (UK)? South Shetland islands (UK): Livingston, George, Elephant, Clarence island, and more? South Orkney islands (UK): Coronation, Signy, Powell, Laurie island, and more? And many others…? All of the Pacific Ocean‘s islands: Sri Lanka? Taiwan? Fiji (333 islands)? the Phillipines (7000 islands)? Indonesia (13000 islands)? Brunei? Hawaii (USA)? Great Barrier Reef islands (Australia): Heron, Lizard, Whitsunday, Lady Elliot islands & 900 more islands & 2900 reefs? Tasmania (Australia)? Stewart island (New Zealand)? Hainan (China)? Okinawa islands (Japan)? Ryukyu/Nansei islands (Japan)? Kuril islands (Japan/Russia)? Jeju (South Korea)? Mayotte (France)? French Polynesia, Society islands (France): Tahiti?  Moorea? Bora-Bora? Huahine? Tahaa? Raiatea? Maupiti? Tetiaroa? Maiao? Tupuai? Marquesas islands (France): Nuku Hiva? Ua Huka? Ua Pou? Fatu Hiva? Eiao? Hatutu? Motu One? Hiva Oa? Tuamotu atoll archipelago (France): Fakarava, Rangiroa & 250 more? Austral islands (France): Rimatara, Rurutu, Tubuai? Raivavae? Gambier islands (France): Mangareva, Vavao, Marutea & 11 more? Makatea (France)? Vanuatu? Fiji islands (UK)? Samoa islands (USA)? Nouvelle Caledonie (France)? Vanuatu islands? Niue? Tonga? Marshall islands (USA)? Solomon islands (USA)? Cook islands (UK)? Pitcairn islands (UK)? And many others…? All of the Indian Ocean‘s islands: Madagascar (coastal)? Comores? Seychelles? Maldives? Mauritius? Bahrain? Reunion (France)? Saint Brandon (Mauritius)? Agalega (Mauritius)? South Agalega (Mauritius)? Desroches islands (Seychelles)? Tromelin (France)?  Egmont islands (UK)? Chagos archipelago (UK): Diego Garcia, Eagle island, Salomon islands, Blenheim reef, Peros Banhos atoll? The Tanzanian Zanzibar archipelago: Zanzibar, Pemba, Unguja, Mafia island? Yemeni Soqotra archipelago: Socotra, Abd al Kuri, Samhah, Darsah? Jazirat Jabal Zuqar (Yemen)? Jazirat al Hanish al Kabir (Yemen)? Jazirat Antufash (Yemen)? Kamaran (Yemen)? Farasan islands (Saudi Arabia)? Masirah island (Oman)? Qeshm (Iran)? Qumzar (Iran)? Hormuz (Iran)? Larak (Iran)? Abu Musa (Iran)? Siri (Iran)? Kish (Iran)? Farur (Iran)? Kharg (Iran)? Failaka (Kuwait)? Hope island (!) (India)? Sagar (India)? Urirchar (Bangladesh)? Hatiya (Bangladesh)? Manpura (Bangladesh)? Sandwip (Bangladesh)? Myingun (Myanmar)? Andaman and Nicobar and 22 more (India)? And many others…?

Plus: + The essential, most viable & economically bearing spine of virtually EVERY coastal country on Earth? Not ANY single ONE of these wonderful islands and nations with their populations, animals, ecosystems and infrastructure deserve to go under and vanish from the face of the Earth! Do they? – If so, which one? The question is absurd, but by light-years apart not nearly as absurd as the appalling idea – and yet fully logical and expected consequence – of seeing not just one of, but ALL OF THOSE islands, nations and archipelagos, with their cities, towns, villages, infrastructures, farming lands, grazing lands, forests, marshlands, animal resorts and wildlife habitats go to waste, soaked, saline and eroded beyond recoveryout of sheer passivity, simply by doing nothing new and promoting no new viable ideas.

No more star-fishing with your kids or refreshing family days on the beach — cause there’ll BE no beach. Anywhere. Imagine a completely beachless world! In Your view, should we all as the time comes lie to our infants (until they get old enough to google or lend books) that there was never any sandy beach anywhere, cause our generation would have no answer to their perceived terrifying questions “What have You done??” and “What did You Do against it??”? This is a self-evidently realistic consequence, and yet as absurd as delivering a guilt-free answer to that question is unthinkable. (Unless You’re a genuinely shameless person, of course, habitually lying bluntly and making up any story that fits in on the fly).

Neither ANY single ONE of them with their populations NOR any single other town, island, forest, beach, farming or grazing land, or spot on Earth deserve to go under, crumble, erode and face devastation lined by anarchy, distress, disease, deportation, death. Do they?
And yet, they will ALL be depopulated, get destructed and disappear!

And their populations? From happy to hopeless to homeless to helpless to desperate to anarchistic, through to mass-extinct and “surviving refugees” under bandit gang authority. Easily conceivable, employing logical imagination, this will be their fate.

Will You tranquilly face all of our planet’s man-made coastal and (enough) low-terrain infrastructures become useless and abandoned? Ports, docks, wharfs, shipyards, warehouses, airports, highways, freeways, roads, roadbanks, streets, boulevards, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, pavements, traffic lights, traffic signs, bridges, overpasses, railroads, commuter lines, railway stations, subways, metros, tunnels, canals, high voltage cable wiring, oil refineries, repositories, fuel- and gas pipe line systems, gas/petrol stations, central heating pipe line systems, freshwater supply, surface water and sewerage systems, sewage plants, city dumps, IT communication highways and networks? TV- and cellphone communication systems, TV towers, power plants, district heating plants, power substations, electricity boards?  And how about eradicating industries, factories, workshops, repair shops, schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens, hospitals, health centers, sports arenas, bathhouses, in- and outdoor swimming pools, football-, cricket-, rugby-, track & field-, watersport stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, gyms, jogging tracks, handicap-friendly facilities and installations, bicycle tracks, cycle paths, horse race tracks, horse riding stables, bowling alleys, billiard halls, exhibition centers, shopping centers, malls, arcades, shops? How about libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, concert houses, association premises, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, cafés, casinos, parks, plantations, groves, flower-beds, botanic gardens, zoos, bird-ponds, lakes, pet shops, amusement parks, theme & adventure parks, water fun parks, playgrounds, art galleries, TV-, film and art studios, post offices, banks, prisons, holiday parks, parking garages, historic buildings, notable buildings, churches, mosques, cathedrals, chapels, synagogues, cemeteries, squares, statues, fountains, lighting & illumination, stairways, office towers, architectural and artisan masterpieces, residential areas? Your parents’ house, their summer cottage where You played as a child and spent Your summer leave; their place to grow old in dignity & serenity, Your own house or summer cottage? Ranches, farms, cattle-sheds, farming and grazing lands? Recreation lands, marshlands, forests and beaches?

Just gonna let the waves and wind take it all? All this lifeblood, All those wonderful, irreplaceable, indispensable places around the world?

Did Your imagination take You to here – all the way? Or did You halt on the way? If so, Why? Hasn’t life taught You that running every race to the finish line is what separates winners from losers, success from failure? Perdition from Survival? Might sound like bitter medicine to swallow, but the future prospects of peace, survival and prosperity in our world relies on and belongs to committed, honest and energetic individuals and enterprises more than ever before. Only, this time a world conducted by common, caring people — not dictated by the Bilderberg* group, their wannabes or their forked tongue spirit, like our world is today. The blunt truth revealed is that this requires a mass-mobilization of helpers and heroes all round. Fighters against Climatic ignorance and insouciance, disregard and denial, against stereotypes and misuse of power, against despondency and detrimental greed. Fighterstoday for more tomorrows. Top-down thinking on this is going nowhere — it’ll go somewhere only if we fuel it bottom up.   (*) representing the global power elite inside the business- and industry world, media, and politics.

No one has to resort to shameless disinformation, however, in order to guiltlessly answer the question of What You Did Against It. Cause now we’ve introduced to You the option of Effectively Turning Things Around in time, as a self-evidently realistic possibility.

Make Your Choice!
Drop Your Filter Bubbles, Take YOUR Responsibility
and put up a Fight to YOUR Ability — Spread our Website, Share this (11-post) Blog, Share our Campaign, and Chip in a Contribution to Your Ability. Our Endeavor’s in need of both Helpers and Heroes. So is Our World.

Recently a friend fo mine and I took a trip to Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, perhaps just to see a glimpse of paradise before it’s too late. But also a revisit to New Zealand, the land still in my dreams, where I spent three wonderful months back in 1989. Adjacent countries, even though a four and a half hours flight separate them, but vast differences. A growing-up generation in Decline & the grown-ups carelessly Dancing, in one place, furious developing Capitalism & state-driven Cockiness, in the other; those are my lasting impressions. Even though they’re both surrounded by the same ocean waters, and their respective economical and demographic backbone would break off in case of oceanic inundation, their respect and attitude towards it was appalling. None of them encouraging. In the one place, the young aware and apathetic by the climate threat, in the other, an outspoken environmentalist nation, still no signs thereof; furious Capitalism likened to Consolation shopping? — an ever more forced construction boom while burying heads in the sand? Well, resolute pseudo activities in the name of boosting and boasting may serve as a consolation of mind or maybe as a decoy to the masses — disinformation by drowning burning yet dormant issues in propagandistic “development” zeal. If you can’t develop effective protective strategies, then show pseudo resolve by building monuments of our era — and later on “adapt to the climate change” by ineffectual, tragicomic sand bag walls and dykes. Applying psychoanalysis on the individual is a tricky job — and none the less on a nation as a whole…

What the people in both these places have much in common is a deficit of perception through lack of relevant truthful information, and lack of functional instruments to bring about a change. Essential to instantly endow in effective ways a still shockingly unaware world population with this, we at ACES feel we have a mission to fulfill. It’s today’s children whom we have well founded hopes will make markets for Sustainable Energy Systems explode — in the faces of greedy counter-environmentalist oil company boards and corrupt politicians, should the latter both hooli-gangs decide never to jump on the Go-Green train.

Show Your friends and Your Kids and their friends that You stand on the right side, On Their Side!

Check here to find out how Your City or any city or coastline will “stand against” the upcoming inundations: Topographic map New York — all greyish, greyish-blue, blue, with time also green areas are at peril in coastal areas* (search a place, click & drag mouse to reposition, click on map for any specific point’s elevation, roll mouse-wheel to zoom in/out).  (*) Colors’ altitude representation vary between places depending on elevation, so view legend at left side; compare e.g. Innsbruck and Malmö.

Check cities’ population: Cities’ population  — Quite a lot of people impacted, summing it up, won’t You say? (Get a quick first impression from the table at the bottom of this post.)

Want to see what it looks like on the ground level now at all those places? Sheer beauty coming to life, indispensable to my eyes: Google Maps, Shenzhen, China
(search any place at top-left corner, click pictures at left).

Did You ever think “screw that” or the likes? Hope not. Do You now? Then get out of here, take a hike, Very Best of Luck. Or better off: view our Campaign and our Webpage, then if You feel better, Welcome Back in here for a second glance.

Else, let’s get going! Spread the Word, Share this (11-post) Blog, Share our Campaign, and Chip in a Contribution to Your Ability. Our endeavor is in need of both helpers and heroes.

Together, we can and will render the fossil energy era a medievalsh dark age nightmare historic memory. I wish You to perceive that This may be the one (1) and only opportunity ever of its kind to get The Job done — in time, at least. Cause Politicians & Oil Tycoons won’t lift a finger unless they have to (and way too late, if even then).

P.S. Even you Denialists and “the DJ Duck” himself are much Welcome Contributors — if you want no one to know, you’ll remain completely anonymous throughout, should you wish to. D.S.

Comments? Welcome. New Post? Likewise.

125 largest cities in the World:
red=lost on sea level rise > 0.5/1-2m; blue on > 15/20-35m; yellow on > 35/40-70m; black=”safe”
( )

Largest cities in the world ranked by population (1 to 125):


And here’s an interactive map world map revealing more and more city agglomerations in ever more detail while zooming in/out by clicking on any city in the attached chart and then clicking the + and – buttons (or rolling your wheel-mouse over the map). The chart currently comprises 548 city agglomerations (Jan 1, 2017) holding 1 million inhabitants or more (most of them at peril by sea level rise):  –>

We wish You much pleasure in studying this in detal!



Help this little island nation bring back hope for their loving sea to stop rising !!

Help all of these island nations & many more islands and coastal cities & regions regain Hope of Surviving.
Give Your Children and Theirs in turn Hope for Their Future — and Hope for Their Parents & Grandparents (You!) to assume Their Liability (Yours!)


➽  View more on sea level rise consequences


 New York after the flood:

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Here is our corporate website & our funding campaign:

Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions – official website
Our [imminent] funding campaign (draft)

Water. and Air.

What shall we do with all that waste up in the sky and down in the seas? Which seems to cloud our ability of perception and judgement to the point of completely screening off our ability to think & act creatively and responsibly ?

Hang in here, and we’ll discuss with you what we should do and, most importantly, why. Together we can build a disruptive new reality for the world to redraw its maps, blueprints and schemes from for the near future.

An energy system paradigm shift is what we need, and it’s all in Our hands to work things out Together. So let’s do it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

” The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance,
it is the illusion of knowledge ” — Stephen Hawking

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a blog initiated by us at ACES – Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions, Inc.
Our objective is to induce new demand and hence new markets for clean, cheap fuels regenerated from combustion waste gases (greenhouse gases, GHGs) found in the atmosphere, in industrial and power plant smokestacks, and in transportation device exhausts.

We will achieve this by delivering solutions for recycling carbondioxide (CO2) by means of artificial photosynthesis processes, in which CO2 subjected to water, sunlight and various catalysts* loses its oxygen (O) portion and takes on hydrogen (H) instead** to produce climate neutral gasoline and other fuels.

In an eternal cycle of cleaning out GHGs (like carbondioxide and methane) and regenerating their intrinsic carbon back into new useful fuels, then combusting those anew (thus substituting sulphurous, dirty fossil fuels which therefore undesired can rest underground), we will create a sustainable and resource resilient new global energy system — whereby we can rewind atmospheric GHGs to pre-industrial levels and hence lower air temperatures, sea level elevations and sea acidification pH back to normal.

(*) however here: catalysts apt for each type of resulting output fuel desired, thousandfolds more efficient than
chlorophyll inside plants’ natural photosynthesis processes.
(**) Hence forming gaseous or liquid CxHx hydrocarbons, pure carbon (C, as in coal, by eliminating the hydrogen), or taking on an OH-group to form CxHxOH alcohols.

Our role at ACES inside this new global energy system is to furnish clean fuel producers – on upcoming markets that automatically will follow suit and grow exponentially from a consumer demand pressure on fossil free, climate neutral and remedial fuels – with ground-breaking computer based tools that enable them to:
1.) design various high-efficient, low-temperature and low-pressure operating catalysts for converting GHGs into various fuels and other products in demand;
2.) assess the catalysts’ eligibility in virtual full-scale laboratory sets as well as in up- or down-scale product facility environments;
3.) project plan the entire production line properties and components embracing the full span from GHG extraction to (any) refinery blocks and distribution infrastructures (even identifying useable existing such ones); and
4.) cost calculate all customized line steps as well as assess costs for each produce regarding various output volumes — including costs for catalyst manufacture, GHG extraction line setup, on site GHG to fuel conversion line setup, (any) refinery line setup, through to connecting to/constructing existing/new infrastructures and other distribution attributes.

And we’re after 100% of the market, not just a niche of people avoiding fossil fuels or being climate conscious — even though those likely will constitute our vanguard.

Cause, you know, our world is in no need for even more scientists or meteorologists pointing to the fact that we have big-time problems. We know that very well by now. What we need now is scientists and entrepreneurs that team up together delivering SOLUTIONS to our big-time problems.


Water. and Air. That’s what this blog will deal with. The properties of Water and the impact Water has on Land and on Air, and Air on Water. All impacted by our Sun. What we can Do with them together. What we can Use them all for… like Turning greenhouse gases into clean new climate remedial Energy.

Cause Reducing, Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change is not anywhere nearly enough, not functional, therefore infeasible. A dead-end street. Reusing greenhouse gas intrinsic Carbon, on the contrary, is all the more functional and feasible. So the wise [wo]men’s word is ReusingNot Reducing. Sound-alikes, in this context however in fact antonyms. Read on in this and our other (so far in all 12) posts, and You’ll grasp the full sense.



»  In the USA Today, April 17 of 2013 issue, Elon Musk (PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, SolarCity, OpenAI) says “The nation needs to stop denying that global warming exists and develop more sustainable transportation”. Speaking out of his interest in the electric car industry, he is both right and wrong: his environmental scope is much too narrow to fill out the picture (other than perhaps of car making). His words in the same article of “[…] the most dangerous experiment in history […] to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe” echo hollow as he avoids to embrace the global origins of fossil exhaust greenhouse gases. Knowing that the entire road-sea-air transportation sector stands for no more than 14% of global fossil emissions, and private cars and taxis for only 7%, evading our climate warming problem obviously does not exactly fall by the wayside because of our choice of car propellants. Undeniably, he’s right about “the nation” needing to stop denying global warming, and this goes for all nations, and not just stop denying but foremost stop disregarding it — for while denial comes out of stupidity or a vicious mindset or both (lost people), disregard comes out of anaesthesizing our conscience (complicit people). Thus, expanding Musk’s electric cars scope to the total global fossil fuel emissions, we’re not helped by no matter how great a percentage of electric vehicles, be it on road, marine, or air-bound.

creativeSolutions Fully realizing this is the first and foremost requisite for our world to make amends and move away from the climate abyss. In doing so, we need truly credible, independent and competent role models to trust and look up to, to be inspired by and whose telling and powerful agendas to join. For what we need is to see the whole picture — the coherent, adjacent, interrelated fields of relevant facts and perspectives of view in order to perceive the full scope.

But so few of those who get much media attention – those that we hear and whom we’re listening to – devote themselves to an altruistic analyze before going public.
That’s how we get all this fragmented jig-saw puzzle pieces in a bag for ourselves to lay on our kitchen table. Consuming time we don’t have on our hands, demanding much insight.
There are knights like Al Gore, but Gore stands out perhaps because he’s so alone — and yet, too diplomatic (US Vice President as he was) and perhaps may we say “road-show” agenda focused to deliver that explosive force we common, caring people need to look at in order to finally engage our minds and mouths as well as our hands and feet in the endeavor needed for making a difference… a difference between the world as we know it vanishing or surviving.
Gore, this provident and solid Performer, Leader and Thinker, is most honorable and impressive in his endeavor on Anthropological domains. As is Musk, this provident and brilliant Innovator, Entrepreneur and Doer, in his endeavor on Technical trends and infrastructural domains. We wish for the world that somehow their personalities could merge together into one single person. Or, more feasibly, that the two would merge their domains and join forces into an endeavor for bringing forth solutions to our climate – energy interrelated (and plastic ocean waste, and drinking water shortage, i.a.) issues in order to save the planet and us on it.
Not all too naively anticipating that ta-da moment very soon, in this (thus far) 12-post blog we’ll instead try to convey to You what We can of that explosive force and that insight mentioned above, by speaking frankly and thus hopefully opening eyes and ears of those who feel a bit helpless before what to think and/or what to do. Hopefully that’ll at least bring forth some ta-da insight in our readers. So, …

Water and Air would preoccupy the world more if only people better understood Why they should — in a dual sense. We’ll try to help out…

Water exists in three states:  frozen (ice, snow) — liquid (“water”) — gas (vapor, clouds).

» Ice & Snow: the warmer it gets, the nearer the melting point it approaches. At zero centigrades it melts and moves over to the liquid state. Archimedes’ principle has taught us all that an iceberg melting does not impact the sea level elevation since it is already submerged with its full weight into the water and thus impacts the sea level just as much as when all of it gets molten. Hence, Arctica (north) ice cap melt-off does not impact sea level elevations directly — though it gradually destroys the habitats and possibilities of survival for polar bears, seals and most other animals up there. In the ensuing stage however, the melt-off leaves vast polar areas that previously (through its once snowy white face) reflected sunlight back out into space (just like clouds do), and so indirectly those now darkened area surfaces instead absorb light and infrared radiation from the sun, thereby warming waters being in direct contact with the ice, and air. This melt-off thus generates a temperature rising and ice cap melting chain reaction.
Glaciers, on the other hand, rest on terra firma (solid ground), and did not impact sea level elevation where they rest. Not until the atmosphere gradually got and increasingly gets warmer and the net volume of ice and snow mass of every glacier hence diminishes – the melt-off surplus running out to the sea of the summer period not fully restored as snow onto land mass the following winter period – then sea level elevation is impacted and will thereof continue to rise as air temperatures continue to rise, year by year. The several kilometers thick ice cap on Antarctica, the same on Greenland, and all of Earth’s mountain glaciers are examples hereof.

» Liquid water: the warmer water gets, the more volume a certain fixed weight-unit occupies. This implies that even though there would be no annual net repletion to the world’s oceans from melting ice and snow, even then sea levels due to volume expansion would keep rising as long as air temperatures keep rising. The oceans also absorb carbondioxide (CO2) surplus from fossil fuel combustion and augmenting deforestation, hitherto roughly half of it, which besides sea acidification also contributes to elevating sea levels from this CO2 absorption induced volume expansion. Warm water also feeds and propels hurricanes (/cyclones/typhoons/tornados/trombs) and storms around the world — consequently: the warmer the ocean surface water, the more of those whirlwinds and storms by each season, and the more intense and devastating they will keep getting.

» Water vapor: As long as a water vapor molecule is “at large” in the atmosphere it remains invisible until it gets in contact with some particle that it can stick to. Such particle-vapor pairs form clouds, which per definition are visible and white and therefore deflect incoming sunlight back into space, serving as a cooling shield — clouds also reflect infra-red radiation from the ground level back down to Earth, increasing temperatures on cold days, but not nearly as much as they deflect sunlight. Free, unbound, invisible vapor molecules, on the other hand, together constitute a very powerful greenhouse engine because water vapor molecules – far more efficiently than CO2 – are partly blocking the heat radiation generated from Earth’s surface absorption of sun rays. Here we see a chain reaction: the warmer the air temperatures, the warmer the sea surfaces, the more vapor outlet into the atmosphere, which leads to an increasing greenhouse effect, which in turn leads to even higher air temperatures… and so on and so forth.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed, as we all have learned. Energy transformed into another energy form through combustion of e.g. hydrocarbons (CxHx), alcohols (CxHxOH) or pure carbon (C), simultaneously emits heat (i.e. engine or plant burner power, however some of this radiating out from the heated engine or by cooling it off) and waste gases such as CO2 and CO from the combustion reaction, hence leaving three legacy components from its transformation: heat (power), greenhouse gases (GHGs) as Energy bound into another compound, and other waste like nitric oxides (neutralized by catalytic converters in countries where mandatory in petrol/gas vehicles) and sulfur dioxide (turning into sulfur acid on contact with water/vapor, worst acidifyer, both aquatic and terrestrial). Carbon (C) reacts with oxygen (O) inside the combustion process; Some hydrocarbons drop off the hydrogen (H) portion and likewise react with oxygen, producing a new Energy form, free from any hydrogen but still holding the carbon C component intact — however this time compounded with new friends: one or two oxygen molecules (yielding CO or CO2).

! Mind that !  What this implies is none less than an Energy supply surplus up in the sky. An Energy repository just growing and growing, ever faster moving towards drowning us and society through sea level rises and river bed inundations, ever more powerfully producing never before seen hurricanes or ever longer lasting drought periods all over our planet. An Energy supply surplus up in the sky terrifying mankind, making us feel like mere lambs to the slaughter (well, excluding the Denialist part of humanity, anyway) — unable to act reasonably underneath it. Cause any endeavor today commenced or planned will reasonably and empirically be far, far too little and will come far, far too late — all being yields of long-term, low-strategy fumbling and bumbling by ideology-blinkered, economically or otherwise involved politicians and their corner-that-market tycoon soulmates.  -> read more | order book here


But what ifinstead of leaving this gigantic greenhouse gas Energy supply surplus, this recyclable Energy repository   u n p e r t u b e d   in the sky and building ineffectual pseudo energy systems walking around it like today we would come up with hyper effective, perpetually cyclic, resource resilient, environmentally and economically sustainable, all clean and cheap solutions of   r e t r a n s f o r m i n g   this energy supply* surplus, this immense repository into something useful?
We at ACES have.
We term this CCRCarbon Capture and Recycle (alt. Reuse/ Reutilize/ Reprocess/ Recompose/ Regenerate/ Restore/ Retransform/ Recur/ Reconvert/ Reactivate/ Recover/ Rejuvenate/ Recuperate/ Reborn/ … )

Sci-No-Fi. Science, Not Fiction.

(*) Primarily CO2 extracted from the atmosphere, now 45% above pre-industrial levels, plus CO2 captured directly from industrial and power plant smokestacks, recycled and reused on the spot. Secondarily also CO2 captured directly from land/sea/air bound vehicles’ exhaust pipes, recycled in a catalytic converter** and shunted back into their fuel inlet during operation. Thirdly, methane CH4, now 185% above pre-industrial levels, extracted from the atmosphere for direct reuse as is or converted into e.g. methanol (methyl alcohol) or other hydrocarbons.
(**) Catalytic converters for transforming (neutralizing) nitric oxides NOx are already mandatory on vehicles in most countries and work just beautifully.

Sure, the world has seen scientists’ newsflashes on the theme of GHG recycling before, but research lab results have been all but encouraging — an all-physical lab setup is a way way too slow and costly approach to elaboration and testing of catalysts, so the researcher initiatives so to speak time out: re-prioritize focus, lose competence, close down out of money shortage or after a buyout by “some kickback perceiving a threat” (concluded by lack of market implementations), or after the latter themselves in fact posing threats to a lab or even furthering their action into mere homicide-> read more
Nevertheless, the world will (be forced to) revert to this out of necessity, sooner or later (later as in “panicking around too late”). We say: the sooner the better — it could hardly be soon enough so let’s get going. This is where the necessity of an SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science)
* software catalyst elaboration approach with an integrated virtual lab setup – our solution – comes into the picture.

(*SBES (Simulation Based Engineering Science) — Excerpt from the WTEC (World Technology Evaluation Center) panel report International Assessment of Research and Development in Simulation Based Engineering and Science, issued in 2006:

conception ” To define the real requirements for the implementation of SBES technologies, we require a new paradigm of software development. Such a fundamental change calls for a great deal of “out-of-the box” thinking about the way we approach software development and practice engineering. […]  Not only will tomorrow’s software developers have to cope with more complex systems and heterogeneous hardware systems, but they will also have to understand the important details of the applications. “

Our CatELab-APS/e3 simulation and integrated e-lab software is a forceful answer to that new paradigm of software development requirement!
-> (view also: MSBSE handbook | Wikipedia on  web-based simulation | computer sim. | modeling & sim. | process sim.)

The following are hard facts, this is The Most Inconvenient Truth not even Al Gore (who in 2006 issued a book titled “An Inconvenient Truth“) would want us all to fully realize — cause it might evoke panic, resignation, anarchy (much worse than seen anywhere in history or in our day), war here and war there, soon everywhere
If we just wait and see how those politician induced “head-in-the-sand arrangements” and short-sighted investments that the world can “boast” today will turn out, it is our rock solid conviction that we gradually, even rapidly will see the peoples of our planet exhibit exactly these above described developing stages on the road to total and irrevocable catastrophes turning any previous global or regional crisis, refugee catastrophe or even world war into mere tea parties or trifles. It is bad enough the US now got themselves a prime time Denialist for president, along with all their globalist evil corporations, but even with another candidate in his place there would be no remedy in sight, as far as the gathered initiatives launched up til now can be deemed.
The world’s development phases could perhaps best be described as follows: “75 years, 1940 – 2015: from the age of destruction to the age of information to the age of disinformation to the age of deception“.
– Now, for the next phase we have a choice: Will we opt for “
100 years, 1940 – 2040: from the age of destruction to the age of information to the age of disinformation to the age of deception, to an age of perception, peace, prosperityOR once again over to an age of destruction“?
These are our eligible options at hand. I think we’ve all had enough of destruction in the world, right? Foresight is the base of prevention, so let’s move from square 1 to 4C.


An Energy supply surplus up in the sky, yes… the world’s amassed scientists have established a pre-industrial (early 19th century) atmospheric level of 280 ppm CO2. There are other far worse though much less abundant GHGs like methane* (CH4) and nitrous oxide**  (“laughing-gas”, N2O) to deal with in addition to CO2, but CO2 has the unpleasant property – besides blocking heat radiation from passing through the atmosphere on its way from Earth into space – of acidifying the oceans, thereby dissolving calcium so that all calcium-withholding life forms and living structures (tiny plankton, krill, various size fish, up to large coral reefs) see their skeletons and other calcium structures literally fade away, holding the threat of mass-species’ mass-extinction in its wings. Today’s atmospheric level is now moving upward from the 410 ppm mark. Thus, there is a surplus today of 410 – 280 = 130 ppm CO2 to get rid of — to be honest, no one is (slash should be) happy as it is and still Earth’s post-industrial air temperature climb is “only” 0.9 – 1.2 centigrades (0.9 was the word from Paris where That Deal was signed in 2015, 1.2 are the latest figures from leading statistical institutes), so how could we ever accept a 2.0 or even a 1.5 centigrade rise (which obviously would make Al Gore and other leading environmentalists and politicians happy enough) ?   (*) Methane (CH4) is easily captured, a reusable fuel with no need for any reconversion.  (**) Dinitrogenoxide (N2O) is not a fuel, but derived from use of artificial fertilizers, easily blocked through organic farming based on nature’s own fertilizers or animalic feces.


Besides those 130 ppm atmospheric CO2 the oceans and great lakes, as described above, have absorbed roughly half of all the CO2 surplus so far emitted, implying another 130 ppm CO2 component to be extracted* from the seas before everything’s back to normal, back to the pre-industrial era.   (*) Once atmospheric CO2 extraction (or capturing) has commenced, the oceanic CO2 pressure will automatically adjust to this and in turn commence leaking CO2 back into the atmosphere.

So what we at ACES wish to use this immense supply of energy for – this paramount natural resource hanging in the sky, today just a big dump doing nothing but cloud our minds – is to reconvert it into useful fuels and products like solid carbon, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, alcohols, oils, waxes, clean plastics, and other utility products today all extracted and produced from underground fossil coal, oil and gas:


By recycling GHGs in a perpetual cycle of Artificial Photosynthesis (APS) we would be able to:
» resolve an upcoming peak-oil crisis;
» get rid of sulfurous and dirty, expensive fossil coal, oil and gas;
furnish the globe with clean, cheap fuels and other products;
» restore and regulate the planetary air (and hence ocean) temperatures;
» rewind the ocean and lake acidification!

Read all about this at our Website: ->

➽  April 29, 2017: 200,000 people came together for the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC, with millions more in total marching in communities around America and the world.

We sent a message loud and clear to President Donald Trump and US Congress: it’s time to stop the backsliding on climate change; it’s time to meet the most urgent challenge of our generation.

After just 100 days of a Trump Presidency, America’s leadership on climate change is melting away. Trump vowed to put America first. Instead, his climate-destruction and Polluter-first energy policies are putting America and the Whole World dead LAST.

That’s why it’s so crucial that we build on the momentum of the global People’s Climate March.

➽  So we ask you to chip in a Contribution and Back our Campaign at Indiegogo  ->   CYBEREGG — Enairgy Regeneration (draft) as soon as it launches (imminently)!  Meanwhile — or optionally — You can PayPal contribute at  ➽

Spread the Word, Share this Blog, Share our Campaign, and Chip in a Contribution to Your Ability — Help cleaning the air making Energy from thin air. Help wave the wand of enairgee magic.


Together WE CAN AND WILL disrupt and rewire those heavy-weight companies and politicians, and finally get together as a unified caring, common people of the world, in order to get things done!
Yell  Hell NO to Climate ignorance & insouciance, disregard & denial!

➽  Much Welcome in here with your reflections, thoughts, ideas – hows/whats/whos/whys/wheres/whens/whatevers – to your interest and ability.

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