Zero options? Never.

“People who think AI or robots will cause mass unemployment are forgetting about global warming. New York City isn’t going to relocate itself.” (tweet by @Pinboard)

Right-on! And neither will any other of the world’s thousands upon thousands of coastal cities, from huge to small, towns or other indispensable infrastructure.

The world needs to mobilize Fighters Today for more Tomorrows…

 Boston after the flood:elevation-map-boston

Very very few of us really have Zero options, even if we often seem and feel that way.
Fully aware of and respectful before the fact that those impoverished, infirm or subject to various extreme hardships may not have the possibility to take action, everybody still has the power to form an opinion and to voice it.
Let’s hope that in your country you’re allowed to express it.
And if so, then go about it!
Join the fight against Climatic ignorance & insouciance, disregard & denial!

Abiding by the rules of market supply & demand, free trade, globalization and capitalism, the world will not stop using carbon or hydrocarbon based energy anytime soon.
I f   w e   a l l o w  the oil companies to exhaust, and power producers & consumers to fire off all remaining fossil fuel reserves, ocean surfaces will rise by up to 70 m long before they have.
And oil companies are all sure to complete their unrelenting mission and run all up to the finish line! Cause they all worship their God of Mammon above any other, never doubt that.

The only way to stop this will be to offer fantastic alternatives to the consumers of the world, by furnishing them with clean, cheap energy solutions so that their demand for these products in turn induce new markets and producers there upon.
Once this gets live and kicking, fossil fuel markets will fade away and eventually vanish from our planet. The sooner the better!

I’m certainly no role model, but in my view, our lives are a mirror of our ability to commit and to prioritize. As said, options and feasibility vary strongly between us individuals as well as between societies, both in scope and magnitude.

But You who never formed an opinion on the climate change before our eyes, undoubtedly the World’s most burning current issue, or formed one but never expressed it even though you could:
I must ask, Are You in contact with Your mind, Your conscience, Your emotions? Do You really care about no one but Yourself? If You’ve got Kids, what about Them? and Theirs in turn? Their cousins, all their playmates and friends and parents of theirs? Your parents, Your friends? Relatives?

Scenario: In the “first wave” of sea level climb (0.5 – 1 m at onshore strong winds, or 1 – 2 m at lull) all coastal cities (red ones in table at the bottom of this post), towns, villages, coastlines, beaches, infrastructure, islands will be paralyzed or directly uninhabitable: harbors, subways/metros and streets will go fully dysfunctional, house foundations will get soaked, starting to fatally undermine (especially tall) buildings that ensuingly either fall down by themselves or by wave and wind pressure at strong winds. Remember what happened to New York, Long Island and New Jersey on the apparition of hurricane Sandy (some say storm; it was just a category 2 on a scale of 5): NY subway network water filled and ensuingly partially out of operation for months, road tunnels water filled, large hospitals closing, thousands of homes and an estimated 250,000 vehicles were destroyed — damages totaling $75 billionUSD (nominal value as of 2012). Mind that this occurred at no sea level elevation increase at all (zero)! What would have been the outcome on top of a 0.5 to 1 m sea level climb, a category 3 to 4 hurricane? Mind that.
New York hurricane Sandy flooding subway
Hoboken, New Jersey

Do I have to accept the ABSURD, yet plainly and feasibly revocable idea of  facing my beloved wonderful native town of Malmö go under water?
I made a choice: Not without putting up a fight to my utmost ability. ¡No pasarán!

How about Your town? How about YOU?
How about New York? Boston? Washington? Baltimore? Philadelphia? Charleston? Atlantic City? Miami? Tampa? Fort Lauderdale? Houston? New Orleans? San Francisco? Los Angeles? Sacramento? Seattle? San Diego? Anchorage? Honolulu? Vancouver? Montreal? Monterey? London? Pireas (port of Athens)? Shanghai? Hong Kong? Hangzhou? Changzhou? Guangzhou? Shenzhen? Wuhan? Macao? Tianjin? Dalian? Chongjin? Seoul? Pyongyang? Vladivostok? Tokyo? Kobe? Osaka? Nagoya? Hamamatsu? Kyoto? Niigata? Sapporo? Fukuoka? Taipei? Tainan? Taichung? Kaohsiung? Manila? Hanoi? Ho Chi Minh City? Pnom Penh? Bangkok? Dubai? Abu Dhabi? Doha? Manama? Dammam? Kuwait? Jeddah? Roma? Venezia? Napoli? Genova? Pisa? Palermo? Cannes? Monaco? Marseille? Montpellier? Toulon? Nimes? Arles? Nice? Bordeaux? Nantes? Le Havre? Copenhagen? Stockholm? Oslo? Helsinki? St.Petersburg? Barcelona? Valencia? Malaga? Istanbul? Izmir? Antalya? Mersin? Bursa? Adana? Palma de Mallorca? Lisbon? Porto? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Aberdeen? Dublin? Cork? Limerick? Galway? Belfast? Liverpool? Newcastle? Bristol? Plymouth? Cardiff? Swansea? Bruges? Ostend? Ghent? Amsterdam? Rotterdam? den Haag? Groningen? Alkmaar? Haarlem? Hamburg? Lübeck? Bremen? Rostock? Dubrovnik? Pula? Gothenburg? Malmö? Helsingborg? Norrköping? Odense? Aarhus? Elsinore? Aalborg? Esbjerg? Vejle? Bergen? Trondheim? Stavanger? Gdansk? Gdynia? Kaliningrad? Klaipéda? Liepaja? Riga? Tallinn? Odessa? Sebastopol? Krasnodar? Baku? Karachi? Kolkata? Mumbai? Ahmedabad? Surat? Chennai? Colombo? Dhaka? Chittagong? Yangon? Phuket? Rayong? Medan? Palembang? Jakarta? Surabaya? Semarang? Kuala Lumpur? Singapore? Makassar? Port Moresby? Papeete? Noumea? Suva? Sydney? Melbourne? Adelaide? Brisbane? Perth? Townsville? Wellington? Auckland? Christchurch? Dunedin? Santos (port of Sao Paolo)?  Rio de Janeiro? Recife? Porto Alegre? Panama City? Barranquilla? Maracaibo? Paramaribo? Sao Luis? Fortaleza? Buenos Aires? Montevideo? Kairo? Tel Aviv? Beirut? Lagos? Accra? Tunis? Cape Town? Port Elizabeth? Durban? Abidjan (coastal)? Port Harcourt? Lomé? Douala? Libreville? Pointe-Noire? Luanda? Maputo? Dar es Salaam? Zanzibar Town? Mombasa? Mogadishu? Djibouti? …?


Neither ANY single ONE of them and their populations deserve to face this destiny, nor any other of those tens of thousands of medium or small size coastal or low-elevated inland towns!
Will You silently face them all go under water, crumble and erode to pieces? Without even putting up a fight? Then Where would YOU go? Who would heed You? And Your parents, brother, sister and family? And Your Kids? Their Kids? And the rest of us? Are You aware of the estimated numbers of killed and refugees in the worst case scenarios? – Many Billions, not Millions! In Your mind, finish the race all up to the finish line; Your imagination will take You there. Are You able to visualize it? What do You see? And are You on-line with Your emotions?

In the “second wave” (15-35 m) also inland cities (blue ones in table at the bottom of this post), with time are coming into play — and in “first wave” category areas, all buildings – whether low or tall – has long since eroded or fallen due to undermined foundations, wind induced wave pressure, and sea currents;
How about big inland cities, like Paris? Beijing? Baghdad? Basra? Hyderabad? Vadodara? Khabarovsk? Hamhung? Lima? Montreal? Quebec City? Orlando (with Disney World, SeaWorld and water fun parks)? Bruxelles? Antwerp? Düsseldorf? Duisburg? Szczecin? …?

And in the “third wave” (35-70 m, yellow ones in table at the bottom of this post):
How about Berlin? Athens? Shenyang? Essen? Manchester? Cologne? Bonn? Ottawa? …?

Will You quietly face islands – there among entire nations – vanish from the map, so sadly turned into sand banks under ships’ keels?

How about islands and archipelagos (state affinity within parenthesis; none where autonomous states), and low-terrain continental nations like the Netherlands? Denmark? Bangladesh? Australia? All of the North Atlantic Ocean‘s islands: Iceland? Ireland? the British Isles? Greenland (Denmark)? Gotland (Sweden)? Öland (Sweden)? The Swedish archipelagos of Stockholm, of Gothenburg, of Karlskrona, of Östergötland? The archipelago of Åland (Finnland)? Bornholm (Denmark)? Fyn (Denmark)? Svalbard (Norway)? Faroe Islands (Norway)? Rügen (Germany)? Hiiu (Estonia)? Saare (Estonia)? Guernsey (UK)? Jersey (UK)? Sark (UK)? Isle of Man (UK)? Anglesey (UK)? Scilly Islands (UK)? Shetland Islands (UK)? Hebrides (UK)? Crete (Greece)? The Greek archipelago: Naxos, Rhodos, Korfu & 6000 more? Newfoundland (Canada)? Nova Scotia (Canada)? Price Edward island (Canada)? Cape Breton island (Canada)? Ile d’Anticosti (Canada)? Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Canada)? Rhode Island (USA)? Martha’s Vineyard (USA)? Nantucket (USA)? Sicilia (Italy)? Sardegna (Italy)? Corse (France)? Canary Islands (Spain)? Mallorca (Spain)? Menorca (Spain)? Ibiza (Spain)? Cyprus? Malta? Djerba (Tunisia)? Pantelleria (Tunisia)? Madeira (Portugal)? Cape Verde Islands (Portugal)? the Azores (Portugal)? Sao Tome and Principe (Portugal)? Malako (Cameroon)? And many others…? All of the Carribean and South Atlantic Ocean‘s islands: West India? Cuba? Haiti? Jamaica? Puerto Rico? Florida Keys? Bahamas? Kingdom of the Netherlands: Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten? Venezuelan islands: La Tortuga, La Orchilla, La Blanquilla, Porlamar? Barbados? Trinidad & Tobago? Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Saint Lucia? Martinique (France)? Dominica? Guadeloupe (France)? Montserrat (UK)? Antigua and Barbuda? Anguilla (UK)? British Virgin Islands (UK)? Cayman Islands (UK)? St Johns (UK)? St Kitts and Nevis? Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)? Falkland islands (UK)? South Georgia and the South Sandwich islands (UK)? South Shetland islands (UK): Livingston, George, Elephant, Clarence island, and more? South Orkney islands (UK): Coronation, Signy, Powell, Laurie island, and more? And many others…? All of the Pacific Ocean‘s islands: Sri Lanka? Taiwan? Fiji (333 islands)? the Phillipines (7000 islands)? Indonesia (13000 islands)? Brunei? Hawaii (USA)? Great Barrier Reef islands (Australia): Heron, Lizard, Whitsunday, Lady Elliot islands & 900 more islands & 2900 reefs? Tasmania (Australia)? Stewart island (New Zealand)? Hainan (China)? Okinawa islands (Japan)? Ryukyu/Nansei islands (Japan)? Kuril islands (Japan/Russia)? Jeju (South Korea)? Mayotte (France)? French Polynesia, Society islands (France): Tahiti?  Moorea? Bora-Bora? Huahine? Tahaa? Raiatea? Maupiti? Tetiaroa? Maiao? Tupuai? Marquesas islands (France): Nuku Hiva? Ua Huka? Ua Pou? Fatu Hiva? Eiao? Hatutu? Motu One? Hiva Oa? Tuamotu atoll archipelago (France): Fakarava, Rangiroa & 250 more? Austral islands (France): Rimatara, Rurutu, Tubuai? Raivavae? Gambier islands (France): Mangareva, Vavao, Marutea & 11 more? Makatea (France)? Vanuatu? Fiji islands (UK)? Samoa islands (USA)? Nouvelle Caledonie (France)? Vanuatu islands? Niue? Tonga? Marshall islands (USA)? Solomon islands (USA)? Cook islands (UK)? Pitcairn islands (UK)? And many others…? All of the Indian Ocean‘s islands: Madagascar (coastal)? Comores? Seychelles? Maldives? Mauritius? Bahrain? Reunion (France)? Saint Brandon (Mauritius)? Agalega (Mauritius)? South Agalega (Mauritius)? Desroches islands (Seychelles)? Tromelin (France)?  Egmont islands (UK)? Chagos archipelago (UK): Diego Garcia, Eagle island, Salomon islands, Blenheim reef, Peros Banhos atoll? The Tanzanian Zanzibar archipelago: Zanzibar, Pemba, Unguja, Mafia island? Yemeni Soqotra archipelago: Socotra, Abd al Kuri, Samhah, Darsah? Jazirat Jabal Zuqar (Yemen)? Jazirat al Hanish al Kabir (Yemen)? Jazirat Antufash (Yemen)? Kamaran (Yemen)? Farasan islands (Saudi Arabia)? Masirah island (Oman)? Qeshm (Iran)? Qumzar (Iran)? Hormuz (Iran)? Larak (Iran)? Abu Musa (Iran)? Siri (Iran)? Kish (Iran)? Farur (Iran)? Kharg (Iran)? Failaka (Kuwait)? Hope island (!) (India)? Sagar (India)? Urirchar (Bangladesh)? Hatiya (Bangladesh)? Manpura (Bangladesh)? Sandwip (Bangladesh)? Myingun (Myanmar)? Andaman and Nicobar and 22 more (India)? And many others…?

Plus: + The essential, most viable & economically bearing spine of virtually EVERY coastal country on Earth? Not ANY single ONE of these wonderful islands and nations with their populations, animals, ecosystems and infrastructure deserve to go under and vanish from the face of the Earth! Do they? – If so, which one? The question is absurd, but by light-years apart not nearly as absurd as the appalling idea – and yet fully logical and expected consequence – of seeing not just one of, but ALL OF THOSE islands, nations and archipelagos, with their cities, towns, villages, infrastructures, farming lands, grazing lands, forests, marshlands, animal resorts and wildlife habitats go to waste, soaked, saline and eroded beyond recoveryout of sheer passivity, simply by doing nothing new and promoting no new viable ideas.

No more star-fishing with your kids or refreshing family days on the beach — cause there’ll BE no beach. Anywhere. Imagine a completely beachless world! In Your view, should we all as the time comes lie to our infants (until they get old enough to google or lend books) that there was never any sandy beach anywhere, cause our generation would have no answer to their perceived terrifying questions “What have You done??” and “What did You Do against it??”? This is a self-evidently realistic consequence, and yet as absurd as delivering a guilt-free answer to that question is unthinkable. (Unless You’re a genuinely shameless person, of course, habitually lying bluntly and making up any story that fits in on the fly).

Neither ANY single ONE of them with their populations NOR any single other town, island, forest, beach, farming or grazing land, or spot on Earth deserve to go under, crumble, erode and face devastation lined by anarchy, distress, disease, deportation, death. Do they?
And yet, they will ALL be depopulated, get destructed and disappear!

And their populations? From happy to hopeless to homeless to helpless to desperate to anarchistic, through to mass-extinct and “surviving refugees” under bandit gang authority. Easily conceivable, employing logical imagination, this will be their fate.

Will You tranquilly face all of our planet’s man-made coastal and (enough) low-terrain infrastructures become useless and abandoned? Ports, docks, wharfs, shipyards, warehouses, airports, highways, freeways, roads, roadbanks, streets, boulevards, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, pavements, traffic lights, traffic signs, bridges, overpasses, railroads, commuter lines, railway stations, subways, metros, tunnels, canals, high voltage cable wiring, oil refineries, repositories, fuel- and gas pipe line systems, gas/petrol stations, central heating pipe line systems, freshwater supply, surface water and sewerage systems, sewage plants, city dumps, IT communication highways and networks? TV- and cellphone communication systems, TV towers, power plants, district heating plants, power substations, electricity boards?  And how about eradicating industries, factories, workshops, repair shops, schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens, hospitals, health centers, sports arenas, bathhouses, in- and outdoor swimming pools, football-, cricket-, rugby-, track & field-, watersport stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, gyms, jogging tracks, handicap-friendly facilities and installations, bicycle tracks, cycle paths, horse race tracks, horse riding stables, bowling alleys, billiard halls, exhibition centers, shopping centers, malls, arcades, shops? How about libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, concert houses, association premises, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, cafés, casinos, parks, plantations, groves, flower-beds, botanic gardens, zoos, bird-ponds, lakes, pet shops, amusement parks, theme & adventure parks, water fun parks, playgrounds, art galleries, TV-, film and art studios, post offices, banks, prisons, holiday parks, parking garages, historic buildings, notable buildings, churches, mosques, cathedrals, chapels, synagogues, cemeteries, squares, statues, fountains, lighting & illumination, stairways, office towers, architectural and artisan masterpieces, residential areas? Your parents’ house, their summer cottage where You played as a child and spent Your summer leave; their place to grow old in dignity & serenity, Your own house or summer cottage? Ranches, farms, cattle-sheds, farming and grazing lands? Recreation lands, marshlands, forests and beaches?

Just gonna let the waves and wind take it all? All this lifeblood, All those wonderful, irreplaceable, indispensable places around the world?

Did Your imagination take You to here – all the way? Or did You halt on the way? If so, Why? Hasn’t life taught You that running every race to the finish line is what separates winners from losers, success from failure? Perdition from Survival? Might sound like bitter medicine to swallow, but the future prospects of peace, survival and prosperity in our world relies on and belongs to committed, honest and energetic individuals and enterprises more than ever before. Only, this time a world conducted by common, caring people — not dictated by the Bilderberg* group, their wannabes or their forked tongue spirit, like our world is today. The blunt truth revealed is that this requires a mass-mobilization of helpers and heroes all round. Fighters against Climatic ignorance and insouciance, disregard and denial, against stereotypes and misuse of power, against despondency and detrimental greed. Fighterstoday for more tomorrows. Top-down thinking on this is going nowhere — it’ll go somewhere only if we fuel it bottom up.   (*) representing the global power elite inside the business- and industry world, media, and politics.

No one has to resort to shameless disinformation, however, in order to guiltlessly answer the question of What You Did Against It. Cause now we’ve introduced to You the option of Effectively Turning Things Around in time, as a self-evidently realistic possibility.

Make Your Choice!
Drop Your Filter Bubbles, Take YOUR Responsibility
and put up a Fight to YOUR Ability — Spread our Website, Share this (11-post) Blog, Share our Campaign, and Chip in a Contribution to Your Ability. Our Endeavor’s in need of both Helpers and Heroes. So is Our World.

Recently a friend fo mine and I took a trip to Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, perhaps just to see a glimpse of paradise before it’s too late. But also a revisit to New Zealand, the land still in my dreams, where I spent three wonderful months back in 1989. Adjacent countries, even though a four and a half hours flight separate them, but vast differences. A growing-up generation in Decline & the grown-ups carelessly Dancing, in one place, furious developing Capitalism & state-driven Cockiness, in the other; those are my lasting impressions. Even though they’re both surrounded by the same ocean waters, and their respective economical and demographic backbone would break off in case of oceanic inundation, their respect and attitude towards it was appalling. None of them encouraging. In the one place, the young aware and apathetic by the climate threat, in the other, an outspoken environmentalist nation, still no signs thereof; furious Capitalism likened to Consolation shopping? — an ever more forced construction boom while burying heads in the sand? Well, resolute pseudo activities in the name of boosting and boasting may serve as a consolation of mind or maybe as a decoy to the masses — disinformation by drowning burning yet dormant issues in propagandistic “development” zeal. If you can’t develop effective protective strategies, then show pseudo resolve by building monuments of our era — and later on “adapt to the climate change” by ineffectual, tragicomic sand bag walls and dykes. Applying psychoanalysis on the individual is a tricky job — and none the less on a nation as a whole…

What the people in both these places have much in common is a deficit of perception through lack of relevant truthful information, and lack of functional instruments to bring about a change. Essential to instantly endow in effective ways a still shockingly unaware world population with this, we at ACES feel we have a mission to fulfill. It’s today’s children whom we have well founded hopes will make markets for Sustainable Energy Systems explode — in the faces of greedy counter-environmentalist oil company boards and corrupt politicians, should the latter both hooli-gangs decide never to jump on the Go-Green train.

Show Your friends and Your Kids and their friends that You stand on the right side, On Their Side!

Check here to find out how Your City or any city or coastline will “stand against” the upcoming inundations: Topographic map New York — all greyish, greyish-blue, blue, with time also green areas are at peril in coastal areas* (search a place, click & drag mouse to reposition, click on map for any specific point’s elevation, roll mouse-wheel to zoom in/out).  (*) Colors’ altitude representation vary between places depending on elevation, so view legend at left side; compare e.g. Innsbruck and Malmö.

Check cities’ population: Cities’ population  — Quite a lot of people impacted, summing it up, won’t You say? (Get a quick first impression from the table at the bottom of this post.)

Want to see what it looks like on the ground level now at all those places? Sheer beauty coming to life, indispensable to my eyes: Google Maps, Shenzhen, China
(search any place at top-left corner, click pictures at left).

Did You ever think “screw that” or the likes? Hope not. Do You now? Then get out of here, take a hike, Very Best of Luck. Or better off: view our Campaign and our Webpage, then if You feel better, Welcome Back in here for a second glance.

Else, let’s get going! Spread the Word, Share this (11-post) Blog, Share our Campaign, and Chip in a Contribution to Your Ability. Our endeavor is in need of both helpers and heroes.

Together, we can and will render the fossil energy era a medievalsh dark age nightmare historic memory. I wish You to perceive that This may be the one (1) and only opportunity ever of its kind to get The Job done — in time, at least. Cause Politicians & Oil Tycoons won’t lift a finger unless they have to (and way too late, if even then).

P.S. Even you Denialists and “the DJ Duck” himself are much Welcome Contributors — if you want no one to know, you’ll remain completely anonymous throughout, should you wish to. D.S.

Comments? Welcome. New Post? Likewise.

125 largest cities in the World:
red=lost on sea level rise > 0.5/1-2m; blue on > 15/20-35m; yellow on > 35/40-70m; black=”safe”
( )

Largest cities in the world ranked by population (1 to 125):


And here’s an interactive map world map revealing more and more city agglomerations in ever more detail while zooming in/out by clicking on any city in the attached chart and then clicking the + and – buttons (or rolling your wheel-mouse over the map). The chart currently comprises 548 city agglomerations (Jan 1, 2017) holding 1 million inhabitants or more (most of them at peril by sea level rise):  –>

We wish You much pleasure in studying this in detal!



Help this little island nation bring back hope for their loving sea to stop rising !!

Help all of these island nations & many more islands and coastal cities & regions regain Hope of Surviving.
Give Your Children and Theirs in turn Hope for Their Future — and Hope for Their Parents & Grandparents (You!) to assume Their Liability (Yours!)


➽  View more on sea level rise consequences


 New York after the flood:

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   –   (2016 Dec 14)

Here is our corporate website & our funding campaign:

Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions – official website
Our [imminent] funding campaign (draft)

Author: Acwareus Climate-Energy Solutions

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